Back in high school, I always told myself and others that I wasn’t a fan of favoritism. I never liked to have a favorite anything. Kahit ano ng kahit ano, okay lang para sa’kin! Ayoko kasi ‘nung parang magcocommit ka na favorite mo yung isang bagay pero for the mean time lang pala; magbabago rin paglipas ng panahon. Parang pag-ibig. Char!

But now that (I think) I’m a more mature version of myself, I realized that it’s actually good to have some things you can identify yourself with. Having favorites is not just because you prefer them over all the others, but sometimes it’s also because these faves remind you of memories, feelings, and dreams.

I now firmly believe that having favorites is actually a step closer to knowing who you really are; what you believe in, what you’re scared of, what kind of person you want to be. Naks! 🙂

So, here are my favorites!!! I’m sharing so you know what to surprise me with (haha!), and also to remind me of the things that will always make me happy- no matter what. ❤

FOOD (of course we start with food)
Okay, this is easy. This was favorite as first sight. And there’s not just one, or two, but more!

  1. Sinigang na Baka/Sinampaluang Manok (it’s a tie)
  2. Baked Tahong
  3. Hipon!
  4. Tuyo
  5. (Buffalo) Wings!!!
  6. Hawaiian Pizza…because pineapples should be in pizza, yes
  7. More more more!

MUSIC (Genre)

  1. Classical (Piano, Saxophone, Violin!—I like Jazz in particular! Hotel Lobby music ang peg!)
  2. Acoustic/Pop
  3. The Old Love Songs (mga Barry Manilow, David Pomeranz, Bread, even Michael Learns to Rock, ganoin!)

COLDPLAY!!!! Kahit favorite kong genre and classical, hindi naman laging yun ang pinapakinggan ko. Aba, nakakaantok yun! So, yun nga. Coldplay. Labo no? Not one genre I listed above fits. Haha! There’s just this unique depth in their songs that makes me feel all sorts of things. Ewan ko rin… I also like listening to Ed Sheeran, Echosmith, Maroon 5, WESTLIFE (!f!t!w!), The 1975, The Vamps, 1D (HAHAHA judge me), Sam Smith, and maybe a little bit of Justin Bieber. I think it’s been years since I last updated my music library, though. Hindi ako fan ng uso sa music, eh! I find artists I like and stick with them. It rarely happens that I get to name even ten of the artists on America’s Top 40 Playlist every Saturday 😅


  1. Someone’s Waiting For You by Lea Salonga. It’s my mom’s lullaby song for me; I still listen to it whenever I feel down and need inspiration.
  2. With A Smile by Eraserheads. Para sa mga panahong malapit na ‘kong sumuko.
  3. True Colors, original by Cyndi Lauper, but my fave is J.T. and Anna Kendrick’s version for Trolls! Punong punong puno ng hope and love yung song na yun.
  4. Everglow, Up&Up, Yellow, Amazing Day, A Sky Full of Stars, and Don’t Panic all by Coldplay. Listen to them and you wouldn’t have to ask ❤

I don’t know… Feeling ko pag ito yung mga kinanta para sakin, mahal na mahal ako nung tao yun. ☺️


  1. A Walk To Remember (2002)
  2. Endless Love (2014)
  3. Barefoot (2014)
  4. Inside Out (2015)

Blues, golds, and the neutral colors nude, white, gray, and black. Sometimes with a touch of powder pink!

Young adult and science fiction. I tried reading classics but failed big time. The farthest I can get is five chapters! Same goes to self-help. (And then there’s always the Bible. <3)


  1. I really like serene and cozy places. Subic was a first love- I loved how it feels like it never gets crowded, except now that there are new malls to house people in 😦 Dati it’s just the duty frees, hotels, and the beach. Malalayo naman yung tourist spots like Subic Safari and Ocean Adventure so okay lang! Naka-tatlong balik din yata kami dito!
  2. Filinvest-Alabang is the best. For me it’s the best mix of urban and rural; it’s where trees and buildings can co-exist equally and peacefully. The Italian-slash-Mediterrenean architecture is so beautiful!!! And it really makes me feel the good life!!! THE DREAM LIFE. I’d love to settle in Alabang someday. 🙂
  3. Caleruega, Batangas. Each time I feel like soul-searching, this is always the first place that comes to mind. It’s just so quiet and serene and it’s so big! The Church… the hills… the sound of trickling water from the koi ponds… everything is beautiful.
  4. Ilocos! Just because it was what I consider the first legit family travel we ever did. Sarap din kumain sa Cafe Leona’s!
  5. Home. Coming home will always be the best feeling; I think I share this favorite with almost everyone.


Of course, the most wonderul time! 🎄⭐️ Christmas!!! ⭐️🎄

To be continued!


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