Hola, mi amigos y amigas! There’s not much but this Sunday is particularly special because *drum roll please* I drove to Quezon City from Cavite and back! EDSA pa ‘ko dumaan ha! I’ve been driving on my own since 2014, but in those years I have only driven in Metro Manila a little less than three times. Natatakot kasi ako sa sobrang siksikan ng mga sasakyan! I really feel like it’s a whole new different world when you’re driving there… but hey! Achievement unlocked today! Woot! Here’s my Sunday currently:


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley for an oral exam in my Science and Technology in Society class. #bakit #paano

The thesis, still. Good news is, after around five topics that we spent sleepless night on only to get rejected, we finally have a topic na ipaglalaban na talaga namin nang patayan!!

To You Or Nothing by Hale. ❤

About what I want to do after college graduation. Adulting can get really scary but I’m a little bit excited on this one! I hope I don’t jinx it, though. Sneak peak into my mind? There ‘s definitely no sitting in office chairs for 10 hours involved.

For this sem to be over already! Actually, for me to finish my college already. I badly want to start doing what I really want and love to do in life as a person. Sigh.

That I’ll get all the energy and motivation I can get to be my most productive self tomorrow… *cross fingers* #fighting #acadspamore

Still a white shirt and boxer shorts… If you remember my last Sunday entry, it’s exactly the same thing I said. I’m consistent on this one!

This day- driving in Manila, having lunch and ice cream and dinner with the fam, kwentuhan in betweens. Thank you God! ❤

A mirrorless camera!!!! Huhuhuhuhu (and to make a new YouTube video again!!!)

Self-acceptance… Charaught! (Half joke half meant.) I need to manage my spending priorities! Medyo ang daming gastos at ang daming kailangan pag-ipunan… #bakit #paano

Really, really sleepy. Got up really early today; I need to sleep now  so I can start early again tomorrow. Good night, mahfriends! 🙂



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