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(Disclaimer: I failed me again, as a blogger. Forgot to take photos of the place!!!)

So last Sunday, December 2, we went to Sandbox Adventure Park in Porac, Pampanga, to try a lot of outdoor recreational activities. Getting there was absolutely effortless! Just drive through NLEX and SCTEX and take the Porac Exit. From there, you can easily spot Alviera land development, and Sandbox is smacked right there in the middle! (Years from now, though, it will probably not look as it is today because of all the development in progress.)

Sandbox is an all-outdoor park save for the small hut housing the reception, cashier, and snacks bar. (Can’t say anything about the food; I didn’t get anything except for water-which! by the way, had its own Sandbox container. Cool! I think they have fruit shakes and smoothies and burgers.) Parking was free; it was quite a distance to walk to the park, though. But good news!!! They’re starting to install little diners and snack shacks housed in container vans! It looks so cool and fresh and vibrant! Sayang di pa namin naabutan! (Also, sayang hindi ko napicturan!)

Before going to the park, I felt a little sick from the ride and had to throw up everything I ate for breakfast (we got there at around 11:30am). While doing the deed, a security officer from the park approached my mom and I and asked us if we needed any help. We asked for any paracetamol, and immediately called the park medics to report. They even offered to pick us up from the parking. It was really a nice gesture but I chose to walk myself anyway because I’m a strong, independent woman. Char! (They gave me Biogesic for free!)

At the reception, we were first asked to sign waivers especially for minors before getting to select the activities we want to do. My youngest brother, Johann, got Package A; Jake got Package C; and I got Package D plus an additional Wall Climbing ticket. Aaaaah! I really channeled my inner adventurous self today; I was scared and nervous but heck, life is short right?

We got to try almost all of the activities there were: The Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Wall Climbing, Rappelling, Free Fall, Zipline Roller Coaster, and Archery! The only we didn’t do was to ride an ATV. Pero hindi lahat kami yung gumawa nung lahat (#anudaw); yung iba na-try ko, yung iba na-try ni Jake, yung iba na-try ni Yo. :))

It was definitely a worthwhile experience for me. Kahit na medyo mainit at nangitim ako, huhu. I really don’t understand! May mga tents naman para sumilong at hindi naman kami nainitan nang matagal dahil mabilis lang yung mga attractions. Sa archery lang talaga ako nababad ’cause I stayed there for more than an hour 😦

But still, super fun! Watch my vlog below! 🙂


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