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THE BEST MONTH OF 2017 (So far)

Today is the last day of April and I’m writing this special blog post (it’s been a while) because this month’s been nothing but good to me. There’s been a lot of surprises and blessings and happy things that I didn’t see coming! I still had a few down days but the happy days outnumbered them ❤ More than anything, I just really want to put on record how much happiness came to me this month. Because you know, for me it rarely happens… so this is really a momentous achievement, to be almost always happy every day. 🙂 So yup!! Without further ado, here are my April favorites!


Okay, first of all, let’s count March 28 as April because you know, ilang days nalang naman! Hahaha. Anyway, I can still remember clearly how I lost focus on the discussion in my PI 100 class on this day because I got an email notification and it had the words “Pi Gamma Mu”. If you didn’t know, Pi Gamma Mu is an international honors society for the social sciences (which I academically belong in). It’s really an honor for me to get an invitation from the society, because not all people are given the opportunity to become a member. You can’t just apply; you have to be invited. Basta, ganon! If you want to know more, just look it up on Google! But anyway, jusko yung saya ko! I was teary-eyed the whole time my friend Bianca and I were walking back to Maskom. I couldn’t contain my happiness! Sobrang saya ko! I immediately forwarded the email to my mom. Kaso lang, ang dami niyang tanong! Ano daw ba yun, akala niya kasi nung una sorority. Haha! Nahirapan ako mag-explain. Gumawa pa nga ako ng powerpoint presentation. Kaloka!


It’s my third month of quitting fast food! I’ve been telling myself and everyone that I’m gonna go healthy living this year. But… I’m still not doing exercises yet. Haha. But hey! I haven’t turned to become a vegetarian, but I’m having more greens. Saying bye to the goodness of fried chicken and flavored potato fries is not easy! Baby steps!


I finally got a hold of my first Renegade Folk! RF is a local brand making leather sandals. I’ve been lurking over their site and Instagram since forever! Finally finally, I bought Feeling Good in White and it was the last stock in-store! Sold out na rin sa website nila. Display stock na nga lang eh, but I really loved it so much I couldn’t let it go. Huhu! I’m so glad I didn’t. ❤

After buying the sandals from UP Town, I got back to Maskom a little before class started. While waiting, my dear friend and thesis partner Bea gave me something I didn’t expect: Baracuda!!! It’s the shade I also wanted but didn’t get from Colourpop when I ordered. Huhu!!! Sobrang saya?!?! Bea, if you’re reading this, thank you; you’re the most thoughtful person ever, I love you! Sabi niya pa, saktong sakto daw, may concert color na ako. Which brings us to…



COLDPLAY MANILA!!! How do I even begin?!?! This is the best among the rest!!!! On this day, I got to see Coldplay perform live. In front of my very own naked eyes. I breathed the same air Chris Martin probably farted in. Haha! (Now listening to Yellow as I’m writing this.)

So here’ the backstory as to why and how I was there. I was very fortunate enough to work with MMI Army as a volunteer to help them pack the VIP Packages for the VIP ticket-holders. So basically, what we did was to roll up the posters and assemble the VIP IDs and give them away! Yun lang! Well, it sounds easy pero sobrang nakakapagod! Sumakit yung likod ko nang malala sa pagrorolyo ng mga posters, at yung lalamunan ko! Jusko! Mga 1,000 times ko yata sinabi yung “Hi Ma’am/Sir! Ticket please! Here’s your ID! You can get free drinks on the booth right after this lounge and your posters later after the show!” O diba memorize ko pa. Pero grabe! Feeling ko masusuka na ako sa sobrang tuyo ng lalamunan ko nun. Ang sakit din sa paa kasi nakakangalay po tumayo at mag-welcome ng guests huhu 😦 SPEAKING OF GUESTS, okay lang din naman kasi uhm okay ito po yung listahan ng mga nakita at nakausap at nabigyan ko ng package na artista:

  • Carla Abellana
  • Dingdong & Marian
  • Julia Barretto and Erich Gonzales
  • Rayver Cruz
  • Pops Fernandez
  • Toni G and Direk Paul
  • Yung #Hashtags na makapal kilay di ko alam name
  • Isabelle Daza
  • Nico Bolzico
  • Lani Mercado and Sons
  • Dominic Ochoa

So pwede na rin diba!!! Ang dami din cute sa VIP! HAHAHA. Ang saya saya lang talaga nung gabing yon. Sobrang worth it. If any of my MMI Army friends are reading this, if ever lang naman, huhu sobrang thank you! I would do everything over again! Never in my life did I think this would happen. Sobrang lapit ko pa. Huhu. TYG talaga ‘to!


I have been itching to attend literally anyone’s wedding for quite a while already. Actually, kahit maka-tiyempo lang ako ng kasal sa random na simbahan okay na! I just really wanted to witness marriage. Gusto ko lang din makiiyak sa vows. Haha! I want to see people take another step to their forever. Char! I don’t know… maybe it’s just my sentimental self. I think my heart needed it’s fill.

So ayun! Na-achieve ko naman, naiyak naman ako! Hahaha. Bonus pa, I got to dress up and style myself! I don’t always get the chance to do so because I’m always at school and I always opt to wear jeans every s-i-n-g-l-e day. And I sleep very very late and wake up really early so there’s really no time to spend. It felt good to wear something else other than my uncomfy skinny jeans and pantulog! Here’s my OOTD!

Wearing Renegade Folk sandals (Feeling Good in White)

Also, this day is my fourth year anniversary of quitting soda and other carbonated drinks! Yay me!


It was the Holy Week and we weren’t supposed to be in school, but we were. We had to 😦 While everyone else is having fun at the beach, my friends and I were writing our theses at the library (pero solo naman namin, ang saya din!). When night came, we moved to Bea’s humble abode to continue writing. It’s a sad story but the good news is, we had pizza and chocolates and coffee! Wooop! We slept at 5 a.m. the following day.  You know, college is really, really hard but friends make it so much more bearable. ❤


Simple lang! We visited Antipolo Cathedral and then did our Stations of  the Cross at Via Dolorosa. After which, we waited for sundown at Cloud 9 resort so we could see the city lights from below. Hmmm maganda, but I still think the view’s gonna be so much better during New Year’s eve. Hope to be back in Antipolo to watch the fireworks!! (Sino kaya kasama ko…)


Yaaay! It’s official! Artista na ako! Haha. I got to try acting for a short film, a requirement of my colleague for her directing class. The shoot was from 12nn to 12mn. Nakakapagod pala! Pero grabe, grabe talaga ang dedication ng crew. Kahit na students palang kaming lahat dun, I can really say that everyone had their professional hats on. Ang galing! Ria and I had a scene which they call a one-take wonder, well kasi isang take lang. Intense yun, long shot pa! Grabe. Hahaha. This was really quite an experience for me. I’m excited to see how it turned out! ❤ Thank you for casting me, Direk Stelle!


First Draft Is Submitted. Need I say more? Jusko, Lord! The sleepless nights have come to an end!!! It’s the end of an era! YAAAAS. Bea, if you’re still reading, if you made it this far into the blog, thank you and congratulations to us. ❤


Today, officially dalaga na ako! Bea came bearing gifts on this day. Dala niya na yung Colourpop na inorder namin na pinauwi niya sa Tito niya na saktong umuwi from the States. Ang saya!! If I can only describe my face- priceless! I LOVED THE SHADES!! I got Calypso and Speed Dial this time, and both for only a total of $7 instead of the regular price which is $12!!! It was quite a struggle choosing shades because the swatches I saw were not on Asian skin like ours. So I was really happy to see that my shades were exactly how I liked them! ❤

Baracuda, Calypso, and Speed Dial


APRIL 22: #Sunflowers2017

I found my graduation dress. *happy tears*

(I also found love at first sight. Huhuhu. See photo.)

APRIL 25: #Sablay2017

I bought my Sablay for graduation. *happier tears*

APRIL 27: Parangal Sa Mag-aaral 2017

Bea, Dom, and I attended Parangal this year! First time namin lahat. Parangal is basically an awarding ceremony for university scholars and outstanding students. I’ve always believed that I was a mediocre student undeserving of my spot in the university because *insert insecurities here,* so to be a university scholar twice is a big achievement for me. There wasn’t really much in the ceremony, but I guess the highlight of it all was getting a special UPD pin! Look at it it’s soooo nice!

Later that day, I find myself sitting on the grass with my family at Luneta Park having Rodic’s Tapsilog takeout for dinner while watching the lights and sounds fountain show something. It was very, very, very random! Sobra talaga! Haha. Nakakatawa, pero nakakatuwa din. ❤


I only realized today that our UP Webmail accounts allow us to have UNLIMITED storage in Google Drive. I mean… #paano… #wow… #backupislife… #ANGSAYA


And today, the last day of the month, we went to one of my favorite places: Alabang. This is my happy place and there really isn’t a need for a reason why I should be here. It’s just a perfect way to cap off my happy month.

So there you have it, my favorites! Actually, there are other smaller things I wanted to put in the list like the days my friends and I had ice cream, our hangouts at the Comm Res lobby, our drives home… but there’s just too many already so I’ll just go with the highlights, lol. It’s a long read, but I’m guessing nobody would really care to read up until the end (maybe even start it lol). So this is really just for me, to remind me of the brighter days when it gets dull. And also a hope that it can happen if I wanted it to- I can be happy. I only wish that this doesn’t end here; I’m very much looking forward to what May has to offer!



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